Andrew Rochen

Name Andrew analysis. Excessive amounts of energy and intuition. Often there is so much on your mind that it is hard to understand it all.

Able to handle all situations. Inspiring people, but without conscious effort. The energy seems to flow through you, without a need to control it. This gives you both the power and turbulence(sometimes emotional). Being a channel for information between the top and the bottom, between the Kingdom of the archetype and the relative world. Ideas, thoughts, understanding and insight come to you without having to go through a process of rational thought.

There seems to be a bridge, or a connection between your conscious and unconscious, mind finds harmony with a high level of intuition by which even the information can flow mentally. All this amounts to a great capacity for invention.

Many inventors, artists, religious leaders, the prophets and the leading figures of history have had this life path number. Because this path is so tense, you may suffers the consequences of a double edged sword. With a large capacity you engage in much self-reflection and self-criticism. You may feel often very aware of yourself. Being aware at some level that you stand out from others. Even when he tries to blend with your environment, you feel often remarkable, foreign and out of space. Blessed with a message or a specific role for play in your life. But you need to grow enough to take full advantage of this opportunity. Until then, your internal development is taking on the ability to materialize big business what can be achieved.
As a result your growth may seem slow, but that is deceitful because in your evolution you have much more to accomplish than an average person. Thus your real success begins usually between the ages of 30 and 45 after having advanced enough along the path.
There will be times where you may be frustrated, in large part because of your very own high expectations of yourself. But these expectations may be unrealistic and may prevent you to accomplish something.

You can also suffer attacks of confusion and a lack of direction. This gives rise to a loss of confidence, and the appearance of a downward spiral. The cause of these emotional problems is your lack of understanding of your own sensibility and potential. Having a strong ambition and desire to achieve something great. Coupled with the lack of confidence in your ability to realize this dream can cause you a lot of frustration. There has to be harmony in ambition and confidence if you want to reach your full potential in realizing your dreams. Trust is the key which opens your potential.

On a purely physical level, try to protect your nervous system, which is extremely vulnerable to stress, because of your acute sensitivity. Seek for harmony with your environment, and follow a healthy diet, in order to restore a balance and find peace. There may be attributes of extreme tact and diplomacy. A person who is patient and cooperative. You work well with groups and often find a way to create a harmony between the various opinions. With an acute sense of beauty, balance and rhythm. You are usually a sensitive lover and passionate, with a vision that makes you aware of the needs and desires of your partners. It is very rare to vibrate fully with the vibration of this master number, most people vibrate in fact a level below it between the two.

Andrew Rochen Analysis


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Name Andrew Rochen life path 11 meaning and symbolism. Eleven is the symbol of intuition, determination, courage, but also of the voltage and contradictions. An idealist with the potential to be a source of inspiration to people.
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